The Beginning

eBdesk was established in the middle of "dot com" bubble in 1998. As starting milestone, eBdesk proposed a new concept that applications within organization should be running on top of internet platform, using portal as the framework. The first product released to the market was eBdesk Corporate Portal. It provided employee communication and collaboration platform, for both internal and external parties such as customers, vendors and suppliers. The successful implementations of the product inspired eBdesk to develop more product segmentations such as workflow, document management and knowledge management, to deliver values towards customer satisfaction.

All eBdesk products and framework were started in C/C++ language, as it was the most comprehensive programming language in the industry during that time. Through the advanced experiences in C/C++, eBdesk continuously enhanced its development framework in order to deliver robust products. It also contributed a good starting point when the era of Java framework became popular. eBdesk found very minimum obstacles in migrating all products into Java environment. Today, all eBdesk products are running on Java framework and have been proven to be implemented as enterprise framework.

Research Based Company - Vision

After years of experiences in information management implementation, eBdesk is transforming the vision of the company into research area. Artificial Intelligence is the choice for the research focus. The company has strong belief that there are huge opportunities for exploration in artificial intelligence. Started with text mining and ontology research, eBdesk continues to develop semantic based solution such as Media Intelligence, Social Media Analysis, Case Profiling, etc.

Our Team

eBdesk is supported by a strong team consists of skillful people from various background of knowledge in IT industry. Product idealism is the value that the management always promotes as culture in the organization. Integrated with commitment to deliver the best and innovative products, the development of skills and attitudes of the people will always be consistently in the good progress.

Worldwide Implementation

eBdesk has achieved good performance as global corporation through successfull worldwide implementations. Started with successful experiences in Indonesia, eBdesk has been opening the channels for international market penetration. There are success stories of eBdesk product implementations in other countries. It triggers more challenges for eBdesk to be part of global competition.

eBdesk has been certified as Thales Industrial Partner in the implementation of long-range air-survellience radars as well as national and regional command and control centers. eBdesk Malaysia, a subsidiary of eBdesk Indonesia is also recognized as MSC Status company by the government of Malaysia