eBdesk Concerto Media Intelligence
Today, we live in a world where the media has gained control of every aspect of our lives. Every day we are forced to absorb many kinds of information published. Newspaper, magazine, broadcast media such as television, radio, etc., have become the main reference in understanding daily issues. By continuously flooding information to the public, the media plays the main role in the development of public perception.

Media has the capability to affect the world by playing around with public opinion, be it from people on the streets, government officials and/or decision-makers. It is common that financial investors evaluate company performance and credibility, which can be swayed by positive or negative perception about the said company from the media. This will directly impact its economic standing. Changes in market prices are the likely responses to some events reported in the news. It is not impossible for investors to act based on these perceptions that they have read on media. In the long run, perception of issues can cause massive chaos when it is not well managed.

eBdesk Concerto is text mining and an ontology-based system that is able to collect, to structure, to analyse and to distribute information from unstructured content sources. It has the capability to collect data from various sources, for both structured and unstructured format of the information, from the media as well as a legacy system. It uses both clipping and crawling techniques to extract the data. Once data is collected, it will be processed and restructured into a standard format for further process of analysis.

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