eBdesk eXpedition Workflow
As we work in organizations, we are dealing with processes that include multitasking, activities and also participants. This leads to some challenges for an organization in activity tracking, performance monitoring, audit trails, notification, process changes, etc.

Workflow is the automation of business process in a whole or part whereby documents, information and tasks are passed from one participant to others for actions, according to a set of procedural rules. eBdesk eXpedition is a workflow management system that defines, creates and manages the execution of the workflow, running on one or more workflow engines that are able to interpret the process definition, interact with workflow participant and, when required, invoke other legacy applications.


eBdesk eXpedition provides various of feature to deliver a comprehensive workflow management solution:

  • Visual Workflow Designer : drag and drop objects, dynamic routing condition, web service based activity properties, etc
  • Workflow Application Engine : process definition reader, process versioning, parent-child process management, activity monitoring, audit trail, etc
  • Platform : running on Java framework, comprehensive API for developer, multi platform implementation etc


    Define and create process definition through visual objects
    Execution of process definition by participants to achieve the goals
    Audit trail for all activities in the process
  • 3 REPORT
    Establish comprehensive key performance index of the processes