eBdesk eXpander Corporate Portal
The growth of social media penetration in the internet industry shows a shifting approach in the ways of content management and collaboration. Web 2.0 has been an established concept of how people share and distribute content to others. The exponential usage growth of social media channels shows that empirical facts have been the new standard of people communication and collaboration.

eBdesk, which has been in the field of collaboration system for years, decided to enhance its collaboration module by adopting the Web 2.0 approach. Through valuable experiences and analysing the social media phenomenon, eBdesk managed to deliver a comprehensive Web 2.0 based collaboration.


eBdesk eXpander provides various features of collaborative functionalities and platform such as:

  • Interactive Application : Blog, Microblog, Wiki, Forum, Gallery, Document, Chatting, Announcement, Discovery, etc
  • Administration Management : Space Management, Role Management, User Management, Access Right Management, Quota Management, etc
  • Platform : Java framework


  • 1 SPACE
    Representation of community and its activity streaming
  • 2 FORUM
    Managing people discussion regarding certain topic
    Engaging picture and photo sharing within communities
  • 3 BLOG
    Encouraging opinion expression and development of ideas